Thursday, October 16, 2014

Taming His Mercenary by Vanessa Sims: Review & Excerpt

Taming His Mercenary
(Mercenary In Love, Book 2)
by Vanessa Sims

Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance, Suspense
When a missing persons case turns into a race to save a woman from human traffickers, Christian Storm and Rick North must not only deal with the increasingly dangerous situation, but also the stormy emotions building between them.

Coworkers and best friends, Rick and Christian have always worked together seamlessly, but that is beginning to change. Rick has been denying his true feelings for Christian for years, but has finally been pushed to his breaking point. He decides it’s time to either move forward with Christian or move on.

Christian’s a one-night-stand kind of guy who lives for fun and has no interest in a serious relationship. When Rick lays his feelings on the line one night, Christian doesn’t know what to do. He’s never thought of Rick as anything more than a friend, and is terrified that no matter how he responds to Rick’s revelation their friendship will never be the same.

When the criminals they are chasing bring the fight to their doorstep one of their own is captured. Christian and Rick must put aside their emotions and work together like never before in order to stay one step ahead of the danger that threatens their very lives.

With so much on the line, will Rick and Christian be able to give love a chance, or are the odds against them stacked too high?

Warning: This book is intended for a mature audience.
Carly: Today I'm welcoming my friend and author Vanessa Sims. Her latest book was published yesterday and I'm so excited to share it with you all! Vanessa is a relatively new author who I first discovered through her shifter series Red Moon Pack. So Vanessa, the Mercenary in Love series has a completely different feel than your previous series. What inspired you  to branch away from paranormal romance and into military/suspense?
Vanessa: Hello wonderful people, I’m so excited to be writing this! Carly asked me why I decided to write a Mercenary series after I came onto the scene writing paranormal. Don’t get me wrong I love things that go bump in the night. (only in the books I write and read) But there is something about reading about tough strong men who know what they want and know how to go about getting it. I thought to myself I don’t see that many mercenary series in my genre. If there are any they are hiding from me or I’m not searching in the right places. So I decided to go it a go and that is how the Mercenary in Love series began! 
Reach for the stars and never put your hand down!

"When are you going to tell him?” Rick turned to look at Killian, who sat across from him.
“Why would I do that?” He didn’t bother to pretend that he didn’t know who Killian was talking about.
If Rick was going to fall for a friend, why couldn’t it have been Killian? He was funny, smart and built like a God.
“So you can stop pining after him,” Killian stated before taking a sip of his beer.
“Fuck you, Killian.” 
Rick tried to hide that he was in love with Christian, but when they went out as a group he slipped up sometimes. It was hard watching the man you love with someone else. It took everything in him not to storm over to Christian and punch the guy he was dancing with in the face. The only thing that keep Rick from doing it was the knowledge that his best friend didn’t feel the way he did. Hell, Christian had never even glanced at him in a sexual way, Rick was nothing more than his buddy. 
“You need to either tell him or let him go. Rick, you deserve better. You deserve what Chase and Cameron have.” Killian said, nodding towards the dancing men. 
Killian was right; he did deserve that, and he wanted it with every fiber of his being. 
Watching Cameron and Chase, he saw that they were happy and in love. Movement caught his eye, and Rick looked over to see Christian drop his head back as his dance partner kissed along his neck. He needed to take Killian’s advice, and either tell Christian that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with him, or let go and move the hell on. 
Turning back to his drink, Rick looked at Killian and saw him raise his eyebrow as if to say ‘man the fuck up.' 
“I’ll handle it.” Rick responded to the unsubtle hint. Killian didn’t say anything, just took another sip of his beer. 
How the hell was he going to handle it? Rick didn’t have the faintest idea.
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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Having experienced love's ultimate betrayal once, Christian is determined never to open himself up to that kind of pain again.

Shook to the core by Christian's injury during a previous mission, Rick is forced to face his feelings for Christian, even if it means risking losing his best friend.

I fell in love with Vanessa's mercenaries while reading His Mercenary, so when Vanessa asked me three months ago what I thought about Rick and Christian being the focus of book two I was ecstatic.

It was my pleasure to serve as a sounding board during the development of TAMING HIS MERCENARY. As I watched the magic that Vanessa created between Christian and Rick take form I knew that this book was going to be something special.

Well written, fast paced and loaded with sensual chemistry, TAMING HIS MERCENARY is Vanessa's best book by far. The action, adventure, suspense and drama carried me away. With a cliffhanger ending, I'm counting down the days until book 3 is published!
I live in Texas but originally I am from Trenton, NJ. When I graduated from high school, I joined the military. Yay me. I did three years with one tour to Iraq. I am happily married because seriously who would put that they are unhappy. I have three kids. No pets, they scare me but I have a healthy respect for them. I am currently a stay at home mom and I love to read! A lot. Have a great day!



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