Editing Services

Editing Services 
Professional editing, proofreading and writing services at an affordable rate.
~Purple Rainbow Book Services~

Below you will find brief descriptions of my editing services, which include proofreading as well as standard, substantive and developmental editing. These guidelines can help you estimate a cost, based on the type of service you desire and the length of your document. I will need specific information about your project in order to give you an accurate estimate. Services will be performed using your choice of either Microsoft Word or Google Documents. I will edit up to ten pages, preferably from the middle, of your initial project free of charge. I am generally able to determine if we will be compatible as an editor/author team based on this sample, and I will return it to you along with my estimate.

All estimates are written using the industry standard of 250 words per page.

Proofreading: $2.50 per page (Approx. $25 dollars per hour)

This is the most basic service and is typically appropriate only for works that have been previously edited/revised; a proofread serves as a final review to catch any remaining punctuation, spelling, and grammar issues after edits/revisions have been made. I recommend that these projects undergoes intensive self-editing and thorough beta reading by a minimum of two readers. I typically proofread 10-15 pages, or approximately 2500-3750 words, per hour.

Standard Editing: $3.50 per page (Approx. $35.00 per hour)

Most works require a standard edit, at a minimum. When editing your work, I will look for and correct errors in the following areas: 
  • Spelling 
  • Punctuation 
  • Grammar (e.g., fragments, run-ons, tense shifts, agreement issues) 
  • Transitions 
  • Word choice (wrong words) 
  • Basic sentence structure and clarity 
  • Basic repetition 
  • Inconsistencies in usage
My typical pace for a standard edit is 7-8 pages, or 1750-2000 words, per hour.

Substantive Editing: $4.00 per page (Approx. $40.00 per hour)

Some works will require a substantive edit; this type of edit is needed for works that contain extensive issues in the above areas. Because correcting extensive issues takes longer, my typical pace for a substantive edit is 5-6 pages, or 1250-1500 words, per hour.

Substantive editing includes a second review. 

Developmental Editing: $4.50 per page (Approx. $45.00 per hour)

This service include identification and correction of problems in the areas listed above as well as in-depth contextual changes in the following areas:
  • Sentence structure 
  • Paragraph structure 
  • Overall content clarity 
  • Cohesion 
  • Development 
  • Overall organization 
  • Overall impact
Because developmental editing is the most extensive editing service, it moves at a much slower pace. My typically pace for developmental work is 3-4 pages, or 750-1000 words, per hour.

Developmental editing includes a second review.

Since extensive changes are necessary with works that require substantive and developmental editing, I recommend that clients who utilize these services also consider having a final proofread done once the editing process is complete. I offer a discounted rate of $1.50 per page (Approx. $15.00 per hour) on the final proofread of projects I have substantially or developmentally edited.

Submission Guidelines:
    Title page (not charged) should include:
  • Title of book 
  • Your name (and that of any co-authors) 
  • Number of pages and number of words 
  • Genre/sub-genre; Fiction or non-fiction 
  • Whether you plan on submitting to a publisher or self-publishing 
  • Deadline (if there is one) 
  • Email address
All payments will be processed via PayPal unless prior arrangements have been made. Half of the estimated total, based on the initial page count, is due up front. Because projects can fluctuate substantially in length, depending on the level of editing involved, the balance due upon completion will be based on the final page count if it exceeds that of the initial submission.

Authors who are preparing a previously published manuscript for self-publishing may contact me for special pricing.

I accept erotica and titles containing BDSM. Projects containing non-consensual sex with minors, bestiality not written within the genres of paranormal, science fiction, or fantasy, gratuitous non-consensual violence, and/or graphic content that is excessively vulgar, will not be accepted. I am happy to review a sample, free of charge, if you are concerned that your project may contain objectionable content.

There is no guarantee that having a project edited will get you an agent or a publisher.

My rates are based on guidelines provided by the Editorial Freelancers Association.

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